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Update May 24, 2023
St. Joseph Bay/Gulf County Scallop season runs from August 16 to September 24, 2023.  If you plan to rent a pontoon, do it months in advance (NOW...)  There are several business that rent pontoons in Port St. Joe and a google search will help you quickly find the right pontoon.  You do not need to be a boating person to use a pontoon, but it does not hurt.  In the Bay, you need to be careful of water depth to avoid becoming grounded and docking the pontoon can be a challenge at some locations, but basically simple and all rental locations will give you proper education on operating a pontoon.  If renting a pontoon does not feel right, there are numerous charters you can pay for.  Either way, this will be a great memory for your family and friends.  

2023 Gulf County Bag Limit
(see official regulations link below)
*  Legal Gear: Harvest permitted by hand or dip net
*  Minimum Size Limit: None
*  Per person: 2 gal scallops in shell or 1 pint of  scallop meat  
* Per vessel: Max 10 gallons whole scallops in shell or 1/2 gallon bay scallop meat (1/2 gallon = 4 pints)

May 12, 2021 - Over Yonder On The Cape

Scalloping requires a little more planning as the season changes from year to year, but for Cape San Blas and the Port St. Joe areas, the season generally runs around mid-Aug to late September. Your planning will pay off because scalloping is so much fun. We rent a pontoon($$), bring our family and friends and make a day out of it.  

You do not need to be an expert at scalloping to participate.  If you have ever snorkeled, you have the skills necessary to scallop.  If you have not snorkeled, I would suggest taking a charter trip for your first time so they can help you out but it is pretty straightforward. 

You will need snorkel equipment, a fishing licenses and optionally a boat (Scallop Cove, Presnells or Cape San Blas Pontoon rentals). Charter trip by Bounty Of The Bay, just tell them Over Yonder said Captain Pete would take great care of you!


Over Yonder On The Cape - Located in SeaCliffs gated Community on Cape San Blas, FL - Great place to stay.  It is new, modern, sleeps 10 (in beds, not on couches), has elevator, dog friendly for a fee, and has great view of the Gulf from each King Master (there are 2) as well as a Queen room and Bunk Room, all with their own private baths.


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