Exploring the
Maritime Hammock Trail
on Cape San Blas

Update June 28, 2022 - Over Yonder On The Cape
We have started to fish the bay from the Maritime Hammock Trail entrance to bay.  We actually walk from Over Yonder On The Cape (about 1/2 mile to entrance, then 1/2 mile to bay)  You can elect to drive as well.  We wear water shoes because you will be able to walk out pretty far to get to deeper water.  We use artificial lures rather than bait (note-there are sharks in the Bay too and you dont want bait chumming the water.  Sharks are not a threat and we have not found one bigger than 1 ft, but I know they are out there from talking with other fishermen.  Just be smart about it and don't chum the water around you.)

Bring Water, lures, fishing pole, hat, water shoes, and fishing license.

May 12, 2021 - Over Yonder On The Cape

The Maritime Hammock Trail on Cape San Blas is a 1/2 mile nature trail to the St. Joseph Bay. You will likely see numerous different sea creatures once you get to the bay. Since the trail is a part of the T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, you are required to pay a $6.00 park entrance fee per vehicle.

Apply bug spray and take water shoes.

The Maritime Hammock Trail starts with a very nice boardwalk, and then switches to a sand trail.  The trail is probably what I would consider a light to a moderate hike of about 1/2 mile, not difficult. You will want to wear water shoes especially if you walk in bay.  You will also want to consider bringing nets to get closer look at sea life before returning to Bay (small nets are sold at the Tradin Post on Cape San Blas). If you venture off trail and walk along the bay beach, the chances are good you will see lots of different sea creatures like crabs, sand dollars, hermit crabs, sea slugs, sea urchins(the reason for the water shoes) and fish.  This is truly a fun hike, beautiful and remote.  If you do this trail and want to find other hikes, consider a hike to Donna Kay which is a much longer hike.

Directions to Maritime Hammock Trail:
Head to St. Joseph Peninsula State Park on Cape San Blas. As soon as you enter the state park road, the park is on the right, however, the Maritime Hammock Trail does require a park fee so continue past the parking up the road until you get to the park gatehouse and pay your $6.00 entrance fee. Then do a U turn and head back to the trail.  Google Maps 

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Maritime Hammock Trail - Over Yonder On The Cape

Little crabs found during hike on
Maritime Hammock trail on cape san blas

Hermit Crab found during trip to
Maritime Hammock Trail
on Cape San Blas 

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